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The Bighorn River

The Bighorn River is a Class 1 Blue Ribbon trout stream, considered by many to be the finest tail water fishery in the US. The forty mile section of the river below Yellowtail Dam supports very large populations of rainbow and brown trout, as well as abundant species of caddis flies, mayflies and midges.

Map of Bighorn River Watershed from Wikpedia

The Bighorn and Flyfishing:

"The Bighorn River is considered to be one of the finest trout streams, not just in Montana, but in the lower forty-eight states. The river consistently pulls out large fish. Brown trout average about 15 inches, while rainbow trout average around 16 inches. The river has outstanding hatches. And unlike many rivers in Montana, the Bighorn is a high quality fly fishing river for the entire year, offering anglers who don't mind the elements the opportunity to catch large fish in the middle of the winter." (source:

Forty-two miles from Billings, Montana, the Bighorn River glides through the Crow Indian Reservation to the town of Hardin and then onwards to the Yellowstone River.

The Bighorn River is a tributary of the Yellowstone, approximately 461 miles (742 km) long, in the western United States in the states of Wyoming and Montana. The river was named in 1805 by fur trader François Larocque for the Bighorn Sheep he saw along its banks as he explored the Yellowstone River... read more: Wikpedia (above map from Wikpedia)